Metal Detector Kit


Metal Detector Kit
Metal Detector Kit
Metal Detector Kit
Metal Detector Kit

Metal Detector Kit

Mine for lost treasure (or maybe just finally find that missing earring) with a metal detector you made yourself!

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Product #: MKAR01

Metal Detector Kit . This kit is easy and fun to assemble! Make your very own working metal detector.

Learn about magnetism and how magnetic fields work - changes to the detector's magnetic field will set it off. The detector will let you know you've "struck gold" (or any other conductive metal) with a sound and fun flashing lights.

Like all of the other Artec Educational kits we carry, this is a hands-on educational kit designed for kids in and out of the classroom.  A development tool for for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, Artec kits are built with thick paperboard parts and can be assembled in under a half-hour - intended for a period of focused learning, followed by the reward of fun play and a satisfying, lasting toy.

Main body — 1
Paper coil cover — 1
Paper coil holder — 1
Circuit board holder — 1
Double-sided tape (thick) — 1
Double-sided tape (thin) — 4
Circuit board — 1




Circuit board Epoxy, copper, Main body Paper

Dimensions Assembled

240 x 120 x 90 mm