Micro UFO Quadcopter

Micro UFO Quadcopter
Micro UFO Quadcopter
Micro UFO Quadcopter

Micro UFO Quadcopter

This is a hand-sized, zippy quadcopter that loops and rolls at the press of a button!


The Micro UFO Quadcopter is a hand-sized, zippy little quadcopter. The onboard sensors keep it completely stable in the air, so it's very easy to control. Use it indoors or out! With the press of a button, the multirotor can automatically perform loops and rolls, or switch between two flying modes - a subdued, less aggressive mode for beginners and a quicker mode for experienced pilots. The high durability of this quad makes it perfect for learning or attempting challenging manuevers. The USB charger, which can charge both batteries at once, will fill one of the two in about an hour and yield roughly 10 minutes of flight time.

  • Two flight modes: beginner and advanced
  • Complete automatic flips with a single button press on the included transmitter
  • Onboard sensors for extremely reliable leveling abilities.
  • Micro Quad
  • (2) BatteriesĀ 
  • USB Battery Charger
  • (4) Extra propellers
  • Transmitter
  • Instructions