MintDuino Game Pack


MintDuino Game Pack
MintDuino Game Pack
MintDuino Game Pack
MintDuino Game Pack
MintDuino Game Pack
MintDuino Game Pack

MintDuino Game Pack

Learn about Arduino-compatible microcontrollers with this informative 2-player reaction games.

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Product #: MKMDGP

The MintDuino Game Pack provides a fun and informative way to learn about the world of Arduino compatible microcontrollers. This exclusive kit combines the Mintronics: MintDuino, Mintronics: Survival Pack, and the MintDuino book to give you all the necessary parts and instructions to create your very own 2-player reaction game. Even if you've never dabbled in electronics have no idea how to program, the MintDuino Game Pack will give you a firm foundation with Arduino and the confidence and ability to create your very own projects.

Using the book as your guide and the included components you will:

  • Build the Mintduino and see first hand the relationship between the wires, capacitors, resistors and integrated circuits that come together to create an Arduino compatible microcontroller.
  • Learn how how to create basic circuits and program your microcontroller to blink an LED.
  • Discover how to use of the random() function to blink the LED unpredictably.
  • Interact with your MintDuino by using buttons as inputs.
  • Combine your skills to build a two player reaction based game you can play with your friends!
  • (1) MintDuino Maker Press book by James Kelly & Marc de Vinck
  • (1) Mintronics: Survival Pack
  • (1) Mintronics: MintDuino
  • (1) FTDI Friend
  • (1) Deluxe Jumper wire pack
  • (1) 1/2 size Breadboard
  • (1) USB cable
  • Note:Requires 9V battery

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