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Mintronics: Menta


Mintronics: Menta
Mintronics: Menta
Mintronics: Menta

Mintronics: Menta

Build a mint-tin sized Arduino-compatible microcontroller with an onboard prototyping space!

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Product #: MKAD43

The Mintronics: Menta is a Arduino-compatible microcontroller kit. It features a handy, on-board prototyping space and is specifically designed to use the included mint tin as an enclosure. This makes it perfect for logging applications and on-the-go development. The prototyping area is perfectly sized for one of our mini breadboards (not included) so you can wire circuits without soldering. Ready for some expansion? The Menta can be used with all Arduino-compatible shields.


The Mintronics: Menta kit was designed in NYC by open source hardware pioneer Adafruit Industries, in partnership with MAKE and Maker Shed.


Please note: Requires FTDI programmer (like the FTDI Friend) and soldering

  • ATmega 328 Chip
  • Handy prototyping space
  • Onboard voltage regulation
  • Arduino Shield compatible
  • Specifically designed to use the included tin as an enclosure
  • Easy assembly (requires soldering)
  • Requires FTDI Breakout Board
  • Design files and schematics available here.