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Music Game Kit


Music Game Kit
Music Game Kit
Music Game Kit

Music Game Kit

The Music Game is an Arduino based programmable audio sequence game. This is a fun soldering project that will also teach you the basics of Arduino.

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Product #: MKSKL13

The Music Game is an Arduino based beginner's soldering kit that uses through hole components. The real fun begins after assembly when the game comes into play! The Music Game is similar to flashing light sequence games but instead of flashing lights, the game is acoustic. There are two challenges; to figure out which note was played, and to figure out what sequence it was played in. Also, unlike light sequence games, the Music Game isn't over when you mess up.

The Music Game comes pre-programmed, just solder it up, add batteries, and you're ready to play! Once you have mastered the default song it's easy to add your own song by simply pressing a button sequence when you first turn it on. If you are looking to hack the Music Game and customize it even further, no problem, it is completely reprogrammable using the standard Arduino IDE.

If you've been looking for a fun soldering project, you've found it in the Music Game Kit!
Through hole components
Hackable using the Arduino IDE
Requires soldering.
Instructions are availablehere.