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Nwazet Pi Minitux Case Black Matte


Nwazet Pi Minitux Case Black Matte
Nwazet Pi Minitux Case Black Matte
Nwazet Pi Minitux Case Black Matte
Nwazet Pi Minitux Case Black Matte

Nwazet Pi Minitux Case Black Matte

The Minitu matte black Pi case is nice and classy, cut close to the Raspberry Pi board as possible.

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Product #: MKNWZ09

The Nwazet Pi Minitux Case in Black Matte is for our customers who want the elegance of our larger Tuxedo case but need a smaller format that remains as close as possible to the Pi board.


This beautiful laser-cut acrylic case is designed to give a close fit to a Raspberry Pi model A or B while giving easy access to all of the Pi's connectors. It comes in black matte or translucent green. A clear green version is also available.


Generously sized vents will make sure your Pi gets the air it needs to stay cool. A slot on the front wall makes it possible to let a GPIO cable through and thus extend and hack the system.

  • 3mm thick black acrylic case (7 pieces, including left walls for both models A and B)
  • 3mm thick clear acrylic light pipe (1 piece)
  • 4 screws
  • 4 hex aluminum standoffs
  • 4 rubber feet
  • 2 VESA 75 mounting holes
  • GPIO ribbon cable slot
  • Can accommodate heat sink
  • Black matte
  • Assembly time: about five minutes
  • Access to all of Pi's connectors
  • Features vents on the bottom, top, left and right walls
  • Works with any Raspberry Pi with mounting holes, models A and B (won't work with a rev.1, please consider our Tuxedo case for rev.1 Pis)
  • Outer dimensions: 101mm x 70mm x 33.3mm
  • Inner dimensions: 86mm x 55mm x 27.6mm (may vary due to thickness variations on acrylic plates)
  • Please follow this step-by-step guide to assemble the black matte case.