Open CM 9.04 - Assembled

Open CM 9.04 - Assembled

Start your next project with this new microcontroller from ROBOTIS!


The Open CM9.04 B is the new open source microcontroller from ROBOTIS, creators of the DARwIn-Mini! This controller is powered by a 32bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor. Any 3-pin TTL DYNAMIXEL servo can be used with the Open CM9.04 B. Programming the board can be done in the ROBOTIS OpenCM software. This IDE is based off the Arduino IDE, so any Arduino users should be right at home.

Instruction manual located here.

  • OpenCM9.04 is an open-source controller that runs a 32bit ARM Cortex-M3.
  • It is possible to use the 3-Pin connector to control ROBOTIS' Dynamixels which supports TTL communication.
  • Uses a USB Cable (Mircro-B) (included), which is used for some smartphones to download programs onto the board.
  • The board is easily programmable with [ROBOTIS OpenCM], an Arduino-like IDE that allows the user to easily program in C/C++.
  • JTAG / SWD terminal can be used run commercial developmental programs.

  • Controller - OpenCM9.04_B x 1 pc
  • Socket - 1x20 PIN Header Socket x 2 pc
  • Socket - 1x20 BOX Header Socket x 2 pc
  • Cable - USB Downloader Cable x 1 pc
  • Manual - Instruction Manual x 1 pc

  • DescriptionSpecification
    CPUSTM32F103CB (ARM Cortex-M3)
    Operating Voltage7V ~ 16V (USB 5V, DYNAMIXEL 12V)
    External I/O26
    Analog In(ADC)10 (12bit)
    Flash128 Kbytes
    SRAM20 Kbytes
    USB1 (2.0 Full Speed)
    DebugJTAG & SWD
    TTL port (3Pin)4 ( Combination of Dynamixel & XL-Series)
    External Sensor(5 Pin)4 ( compatible with ROBOTIS Sensors)
    Size27 mm X 66.5 mm