Radio Controlled Cube Car


Radio Controlled Cube Car
Radio Controlled Cube Car

Radio Controlled Cube Car

Quickly build this RC robot and send it speeding around the room!


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Product #: MKAR08

Radio Controlled Cube Car - Build this zippy robot in under 30 minutes, a learning toy that introduces the concepts of remote controls, motors, and sensors. Advanced drivers can learn tricks like the Super Tornado Spin.


Only one car can be operated at a time, due to radio wave "traffic jams."

  • Dimensions after assembly: 3.5inches x 3.5inches x 3.3inches

Like all of the other Artec Educational kits we carry, the Cube Car is built with thick paper parts.



ContentsRemote control — 1
Paper body (upper part) — 1
Paper motor section — 1
Paper body (lower part) — 1
Battery Holder — 3
Plug — 8
Switch — 1
Circuit board — 1
Rubber tube — 1
Conductive wire — 1
Double-sided tape (thin) — 5
Double-sided tape (thick) — 1



Dimensions Assembled

90 x 90 x 85mm (3.5 x 3.5 x 3.3'')