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Rocket - Learn To Solder Skill Badge

Rocket - Learn To Solder Skill Badge

Learn to solder with the ever-popular blinky badge, now in rocket form!

$2.99 - $14.99


Product #: MKLS03

New Rocket Design!

Learn to Solder Skill Badge Kits
have been used to teach thousands of people of all ages how to solder at Maker Faires across the country. It's a simple, fun way to learn how to solder or teach others to solder. Once complete, you'll have a great blinky rocket that you can proudly wear and when people ask where you got it, you get to reply "I made it!" This well thought out pin even has the directions written right on the back for easy reference. This is the best kit to learn to solder with. Just ask anyone who's been to a Maker Faire!
  • Custom PCB
  • Diffuse rainbow LED
  • Battery
  • Batter holder
  • Tie-tack pin
  • Pin back (clutch type)