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Simple Relay Shield Kit


Simple Relay Shield Kit
Simple Relay Shield Kit

Simple Relay Shield Kit

Use this shield and your Arduino to control up to 40VAC at 5A of current.

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Product #: MKEMS12

The Simple Relay Shield Kit lets you use your Arduino or compatible microcontroller to control a single relay. The relay is rated for 24VDC or 40VAC, at up to 5A of current. It is SPDT so it can be used in either "normally closed" or "normally open" modes.

The relay is powered by 5V from your Arduino digital pin 4, and is as easy to use as turning on an LED. An onboard red LED shows when the relay coil is energized.

  • Arduino compatible shield
  • Controlled by digital pin 4
  • NC or NO operation
  • Rated for up to 24 V DC or 40 V AC, at up to 5 A of current
  • Omron model G5LA-14 DC5 relay
  • Requires soldering