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Sound Collector Kit


Sound Collector Kit
Sound Collector Kit

Sound Collector Kit

Go, Go, Gadget Ears! Improve your "sound reach" with the sound collector!

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Product #: MKAR02

The Sound Collector Kit will give you superhero hearing -  Faint or distant sounds will seem louder! Have fun listening to many different sounds all around you and impress people with your Spidey skills. Use a parabolic microphone, amplifier and a earphone to capture distant sounds - let people in on the neat contraption you've built or just tell them you've got sonic powers.


Like all of the other Artec Educational kits we carry, the Sound Collector is built with thick paper parts and can be assembled in under a half-hour.




Paper reflection mirror board — 12
Paper main body — 1
Paper grip — 1
Reflection mirror holder — 1
Paper main body upper cover — 1
Reflection mirror securing board — 1
Circuit board holder — 1
Double-sided tape (thick) 30 x 70 mm — 1
Double-sided tape (thin) 10 x 150 mm — 7
Stereo earphones — 1
Microphone — 1
Sound collector circuit board — 1



Paper, epoxy, copper, steel, PP *9V square battery required (sold separately)

Dimensions Assembled

180 x 110 x 210 mm(7.09 x 4.33 x 8.27'')