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Sugru 8 Packs


Sugru 8 Packs
Sugru 8 Packs
Sugru 8 Packs
Sugru 8 Packs

Sugru 8 Packs

This hand-formable, adhesive material air-cures into silicone rubber overnight. Black … More>

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Product #: MKSUMC

Sugru 8 Pack Hack things better. That's the sugru motto. It's why sugru exists. It's not about "making-do," it's about taking control of our stuff. Modifying and improving the products we own so that they work better for us. It's economical and sustainable, but most of all, it just makes sense!

Sugru is the exciting new air-curing rubber that can be formed by hand. It bonds to most materials and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight. Use it to hack and mod your gadgets, shoes, ski poles, almost anything! This stuff is absolutely amazing and completely addictive. You'll find a thousand uses for it!

Developed by a team of product designers and materials scientists, sugru's patented technology is unique in its combination of hand-formability, self-adhesion and flexibility when cured. It feels like modelling clay, and it's that easy to use too. Once cured, its durable properties mean it's comfortable in extreme environments from the dishwasher to the ocean to Antarctica.

Note: Sugru has a shelf life of around 6 months. It has both a sell by date and a use by date. This means that you need to make sure you use it! You can extend the life of sugru for up to 8 months by keeping it in the freezer.

Sets in 30 minutes, cures in 24 hours. Bonds to Aluminum, Steel, Ceramics, Glass, Wood, some Fabrics, + Plastics. Removable from most non-porous surfaces. Forms by hand. Cures at room temperature. Waterproof and dishwasher proof when cured. Temperature resistant from -58F to 356F UV resistant Electrically Insulating
Ensure surfaces are dry, clean and free of dust + grease. Hand moldable. After use, clean hands with with a dry tissue and wash with warm, soapy water. May mark surfaces or stain fabrics. Cures 3mm deep in 24 hours, thicker pieces may take longer. Use at 21 degrees C if possible, cold will slow curing. Do not use to hang heavy objects. Can be cut off when cured. Store below 21 degrees C, use by exploration date. Note: Contains Methyltris (methylethylketoxime) silane and Gamma-Aminopropyl Triethoxysilane which may cause allergic reactions in some people.

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