Tadpole Robot in Wood

Tadpole Robot in Wood

This kit is a fantastic way to get into the hobby of robot making, with easy, clear instructions and step by step tutorials. This robot can support many different sensor applications as well.


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Product #: MKRBS01

The Tadpole Wood features the same hardware and functionality as the original Tadpole, including optical sensors, Micro Magician brain and easy non-solder assembly. A super great first kit with clear assembly instructions and step-by-step tutorials and a fantastic way to get into the hobby of robot making.

The chassis is laser-cut birch plywood with an "A" quality on any surface that shows. Pretty darn smooth right out of the box, but can be sanded, stained, painted or magic-marker'ed (is that a word?).
  • Micro Magician Arduino board
  • 3 position IR object sensor
  • Laser cut 3mm birch plywood chassis
  • Little Black Duck ball bearing motors
  • Tailwheel assembly
  • Wheels/ tires
  • Battery holder
  • Mini Breadboard
  • All hardware required for assembly