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Thermogenerator Kit 2.0


Thermogenerator Kit 2.0
Thermogenerator Kit 2.0
Thermogenerator Kit 2.0

Thermogenerator Kit 2.0

Get into the world of alternative power sources. This thermogenerator operates of hot and cold water.

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Product #: MKERG03

This kit demonstrates the direct conversion of heat into electrical energy via the Seebeck effect. Just like solar panels, electricity is generated without visible moving parts. Atomic vibrations from heat generate the power to turn the propeller.


The principle is similar to how nuclear space probes are powered - only you use hot and cold water instead of decaying nuclear material and the cold of space. The Peltier device sits between two aluminum pieces, which conduct heat or cold from the water reservoirs. A temperature differential of just 10 degrees is enough to spin the motor. Increasing the temperature differential by adding ice or using hotter water will increase the speed of the propeller.


Assembling the kit is very easy and takes only a few minutes.

  • Peltier module
  • 2 Acrylic water reservoirs
  • Motor and propeller
  • English and German assembly instructions.