TinkerForge Weather Station Kit


TinkerForge Weather Station Kit
TinkerForge Weather Station Kit

TinkerForge Weather Station Kit

The TinkerForge Weather Station Kit is an attractive open-source way to monitor all of the atmospheric basics.

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Product #: MKTIN01

The TinkerForge Weather Station Kit is a fully-fledged open source weather station. It measures temperature, humidity, air pressure and illuminance with high precision. It can be controlled by a connected PC or standalone with an embedded board like the Raspberry Pi (not included). The kit does not require soldering and can be assembled in roughly a half-hour.

The station can be configured in multiple ways. The measurements can be displayed on the 20x4 character LCD, they can be shown on a website, or uploaded to Xively. The four buttons on the included LCD 20x4 Bricklet can be configured to control different modes and a demo application (available for Windows, Linux, and OS X) can be used to test the station.

Both the software and hardware of the kit can be modified. The enclosure is lasercut from tinker-friendly Acrylic plastic, which can be easily modified. Mounting holes for Analog In and IO-4 Bricklets are provided, which opens the possibility to add more sensors (anemometer, pluviometer, etc). Programming of the weather station can be done with all of the available bindings (C/C++, C#, Delphi, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic .NET). Example implementations for all supported programming languages are available on GitHub.
Technical Specifications:

Air Pressure: 10mbar - 1200mbar in 0.012mbar steps
Illumination: 0lux - 900lux in 0.1lux steps
Relative Humidity: 0% RH - 10% RH in 0.1% RH steps
Temperature: -40ï¾°C - 85ï¾°C in 0.01ï¾°C steps
Dimensions (W x D x H): 240 x 46 x 100mm (9.45 x 1.81 x 3.94ヤ)
Weight: 376g (0.82 lbs)

Kit Contents:

(1) Master Brick
(1) Ambient Light Bricklet
(1) Barometer Bricklet
(1) Humidity Bricklet
(1) LCD 20x4 Bricklet
(1) Weather Station Case (transparent)
(1) USB Cable 180cm
(1) Mounting Screws
(2) Mounting Kit 12mm
(3) Mounting Kit 9mm
(4) Bricklet Cable Black (15 cm)
Documentation is available on TinkerForge's website here.
Sample Code