Tiny Cylon Kit - Beginner Soldering

Tiny Cylon Kit - Beginner Soldering

Make your own cylon with this intro soldering kit and have"fracking" blast!

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Product #: MKDW1

The Tiny Cylon kit is fun and easy to solder multi-mode LED Larson scanner kit. It features 5 red LEDs that blink or glow in various patterns. The Tiny Cylon uses an Atmel ATtiny 13 for its brain which comes pre-programmed with multiple LED sequences. It's a perfect beginning soldering kit and great for building your own robot army!

Note: Requires Soldering and 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Kits include:
Preprogrammed ATtiny13 with tinyCylon firmware
Quality printed circuit board
5 red LEDs
Push button switch
Battery holder with cover and power switch

You supply:
Soldering iron
Wire cutters
3 AAA batteries