Tubular Practice Lock - 7 Pin

Tubular Practice Lock - 7 Pin

This lock is highly recommended for those who wish to master the art of picking tubular locks.

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Product #: MKSD16

This lock would be a great choice for those who wish to get started with picking tubular locks. Trying to pick a tubular lock presents its own special set of challenges. However, you can learn quickly and easily with the 7 pin tubular practice lock. It is important to learn how to manipulate this style of lock if you plan on working as a locksmith, as it's frequently found on elevators, computers, bicycles and many coin-operated devices like vending machines. This tubular lock is also known as an Ace lock, and it's similar to a pin tumbler lock except that the tumblers are arranged in a circle. They can be challenging, but are certainly not impossible. We recommend that you begin with this 7 pin practice tubular lock, and once you master it, you can advance to the more precise Ace-II lock. 

Please note: Only one key is included in this set.