Make: Raygun Vector Weapon Kit


Make: Raygun Vector Weapon Kit
Make: Raygun Vector Weapon Kit

Make: Raygun Vector Weapon Kit

An electronic noisemaking kit for recreating classic Raygun sounds! Add our acrylic enclosure or hack your own!


Product #: MSVWP

Build a Raygun Vector Weapon, as seen in Volume 35 of Make Magazine! The Vector Weapon is a small, lo-fi, electronic noisemaker circuit that makes classic, raygun-style sounds, from the classic "pew pew" noises to evolving death-ray-type tones. Assembly of the Vector Weapon kit is fantastic for aspiring soldering pros, considering the variety of components involved in the build. Assemble it in under 1 hour! The three knobs control what we call "wubs", "bwoops", and "bip bips" -- turn them to make your own custom raygun sounds!

For a great example of a custom Vector Weapon build, check out this one by MAKE community member Genji and his son Desmond.


Vector Weapon

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