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Make: Vector Weapon Kit


Make: Vector Weapon Kit
Make: Vector Weapon Kit

Make: Vector Weapon Kit

An electronic noisemaking kit for recreating classic Raygun sounds, add our acrylic enclosure or hack your own!


Product #: MSVWP

Build a Raygun Vector Weapon, as seen in Volume 35 of Make Magazine!


The Vector Weapon is a small, lo-fi, electronic noisemaker circuit that makes classic, raygun-style sounds, from the classic "pew pew" noises to evolving death-ray-type tones. Assembly of the Vector Weapon kit is fantastic for aspiring soldering pros, considering the variety of components involved in the build. You can find instructions for the build on Make Projects (see the "How To" tab for links) and assemble it in under 1 hour! The three knobs control what we call "wubs", "bwoops", and "bip bips" -- turn them to make your own custom raygun sounds!


Add the acrylic enclosure for an additional $20 or purchase the electronics only version for those that wish to 3D print or fabricate their own. For a great example of a custom Vector Weapon build, check out this one by MAKE community member Genji and his son Desmond.

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