Video Experimenter Shield - Kit

Video Experimenter Shield - Kit

Experiment with your Arduino video project with this spunky shield.


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The Video Experimenter Shield - Kit is an Arduino shield that lets you do all kinds of experiments with video. The ATmega328 microcontroller on the Arduino includes an analog comparator that can be used to detect the brightness of the video signal at any given point in time. Using this brightness information, low-res monochrome image capture into the TVout frame buffer is possible. The ability to capture image information in memory lets you implement simple computer vision experiments.

This item is final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

A removable jumper allows you to control the source of the video sync signal.

A potentiometer with a long shaft lets you easily adjust the analog threshold voltage used by the Arduino analog comparator.

The small potentiometer R4 is used to adjust the RSET value for the LM1881 sync separator chip.

All of the outputs of the LM1881 chip are broken out for easy access (burst, odd/even, vertical sync, horizontal sync).

Download the enhanced TVout library here

It's important to note that this shield will not work on the Arduino Mega. The Video Experimenter will work on the Seeeduino Mega with some jumper wires.