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Video Game Shield

Video Game Shield

Use your Arduino and this handy shield to make your very own video games that include sounds, texts, graphics and much more!

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Product #: MKWL02

Video Game Shield - Make your own video games including graphics, text, sound effects and music with this Arduino add-on shield. Using the power of open source, this shield includes everything you need to make black-and-white video games on your TV. It supports up to two Nintendo Wii Nunchuck controllers for an easy and familiar interface.

Please note: Wii Nunchucks are not included with this product.


Interfaces with two Nintendo Wii Nunchuck controllers using a snap-lock circuit board interface.
Easy to assemble kit makes for a great learning experience. All parts are easy-to-solder through-hole, with no tiny surface mount parts.
Fully open-source design means that everything is freely available and ready to be hacked, including the circuit schematic and PCB layout.
Custom, professionally made PCB provides for an easy soldering experience.
Includes a series of example games, demonstrating graphics, text, sound effects, music, two-player games, and easy interfacing with the Nunchuck’s joystick, buttons, and accelerometer.
Assembly instructions can be found here.
All Video Game Shield Libraries with Examples (zip)

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