Wildfire Integrated Network Board for Arduino

Wildfire Integrated Network Board for Arduino

The WildFire is an Arduino-compatible, internet-connected microcontroller.


Until the Wildfire came along, the typical internet-connected Arduino system required two or three boards. Once assembled the base network software leaves little room for actual application code. WildFire is single integrated board based on the new TI CC3000 Wi-Fi module, the ATmega1284p processor and on-board microSD card slot.

Combining all the building blocks required for a network connected system on a single board allows you to build a compact network connected device. The increased memory size of ATmega1284p allows you to create larger applications with bigger data requirements. Additional I/O capabilities of the processor give you the ability to read additional sensors or control larger I/O intensive devices. The TI SmartConfig application allows you or your users to configure WildFire networking without having to edit and upload new system code.

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  • Wi-Fi with TI CC3000 chip with on-board antenna
  • 128K Flash (4x UNO)
  • 16K or SRAM (8x UNO)
  • 4K EEPROM (4x UNO)
  • MAC chip for proper networking (helps with multiple boards on a single network)
  • Micro SD card slot for applications such as data logging
  • 4 Additional Digital I/O pins
  • 2 Additional Analog Inputs
  • Accepts Arduino shields
  • Programmable via Arduino IDE
  • Network configuration via TI SmartConfig application (iOs/Android/PC)
  • 4-layer PCB with dedicated GND and power plane
  • Powered via USB or Power jack
  • Applications:
  • Internet connected sensor and/or controller
  • Data logging
  • Store and Forward
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Check out The WildFire resource page for help get your WildFire up and running!

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