Wireless Sensor Node / Receiver Shield Bundles

Wireless Sensor Node / Receiver Shield Bundles

Sense things with a range of about 150ft away with this powerful wireless sensor and receiver shield. Plug this into your Arduino and get sensing.


Product #: MSBUN29

The Wireless Sensor Node / Receiver Shield Bundle includes everything you need to create a simple, low cost sensor network with a range of about 150ft (but has tested farther.)

The Wireless Sensor Node is a sensor platform combined with a 433 Mhz transmitter. Easy add up to 4 sensors — analog or digital — just by soldering them onto the pads. There are 3 user settable transmission options available. Perfect for environmental data like temperature, humidity, gas levels, light levels, etc.

The 433Mhz Receiver Kit for Arduino is designed to be used with the Wireless Sensor Node. This simple and easy to use kit includes the board, radio receiver, antenna, wire, and headers. One Receiver Kit can connect with up to 64 Wireless Sensor Nodes.
Node Transmission Options (+ test mode)
1. Sensor values are transmitted hourly.
2. Sensor values are transmitted ever 10 minutes.
3. Transmit on event (most power efficient.)
4. Test Mode, sensor values transmitted ever 10 seconds.
Node ID allows you to use several different nodes at once!
Each Node remembers it's Node ID and mode in case of accidental reset.
150ft. Range
Since the Node is designed as a low power battery operated application, the chip "sleeps" most of the time and only wakes up to transmit or when it detects an edge on its digital sensor.
In operation the Node transmits the number of edges it receives in the hour, up to 255, plus three analog values.