Maker Shed 3D Printers

(Unless otherwise noted, these have one extruder, are completely open source and work on Mac OSX, Linux, and PC)

  1. MakerBot Replicator 2 $2,199
  2. 1.75mm PLA filament
    Best in Premium Class in Make's Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing
    • Best printer for beginners - it comes with a comprehensive manual and is easy to get going. The included SD card comes loaded with a few test prints to get you started, and the build-in LCD will guide you through your first print. No computer required!
    • Big print volume, and no heated bed (not needed for PLA)
    • Closed-source design and software

  3. Afinia H-Series $1,599
    • 1.75mm ABS filament
    • Best Overall Experience in Make's Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing
    • Second best printer for beginners (works well out of the box, but requires slightly more setup than the Rep There's no support for SD card printing, but once you get a print started, it can be unplugged from the computer.
    • Slowest, but most accurate. Automatically generates support material for all builds so you can print challenging overhangs without thinking twice.Ãƒà ’Ã¢â‚¬Å¡
    • Closed-source design and software
    • Small build platform
  4. PrintrBot Plus $999
    • 1.75mm ABS or PLA filament
    • Best in Entry Level Class in Make's Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing
    • Heated Build Platform (8"x8")
    • Pre-Assembled and Ready to Use.
  5. PrintrBot Jr $699
    • 1.75mm ABS or PLA filament
    • Heated Build Platform (6"x6")
  6. PrintrBot Simple $299 (Kit), $399 (Assembled)
    • 1.75mm PLA filament
    • 4x4x4 Build Area
    • Lowest Cost 3D Printer!
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