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Air Rocket Glider Kit v2.0

Grab a bicycle pump and this kit and send this rocket glider soaring hundreds of feet in the air!

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This folding wing glider launches vertically like a rocket with the wings folded.  As it reaches apogee, the wind resistance lessens and allows the wings to flip forward and rotate down into position so it will glide back to earth. 

Please note: For use with the Compressed Air Rocket Kit 

    Meet the Makers

    Mechanical Engineer Keith Violette first contacted middle school teacher (and contributing writer for Make: Magazine) Rick Schertle after reading Rick's articles in Make: Magazine and building the balsa wood Folding Wing Glider and the Compressed Air Rocket Launcher. Since this first introduction, Rick and Keith have continued to innovate in several areas in compressed air rocketry, working to make compressed air rocketry an accessible and safe introduction for kids of all ages to make all kinds of things that fly.