FunKey Super Advanced

FunKey Super Advanced


The Advanced Sensor and Output Set includes a variety of components for experimentation with the FunKey Super.


The FunKey Super Advanced Sensor and Output Set includes the FunKey Super STEM education board plus inputs such as a light sensor, touch sensor, potentiometer, IR proximity sensor, temperature sensor, pushbutton and outputs like LEDs and buzzers, and plug and play cables.

FunKey Super: a transformative STEM teaching system including a controller board with sensors and outputs.  FunKey Super has multiple preloaded internal modes for teaching invention, block-based coding, physical computing, and Arduino coding. 

  • Keystroke Mode runs right out of the box without any installation or coding, allowing you to use sensors to control games or Scratch programs, to make musical instruments and do other activities

  • Input-Output Mode runs out of the box connecting sensors and outputs with USB power or battery power.  Just plug in our sensors and outputs and start inventing. The connectors are pre-configured to allow any sensor to control any output including LEDs, buzzers, and servo motors.

  • Scratch Sensor Input Mode delivers real time sensor data right to Scratch, using the "Pico" driver.  We provide a template Scratch program to capture and display data in real time.

  • Science Measurement Mode can be used to collect data about speed, acceleration

  • Blockly and Javascript Mode provides block-based coding for inputs and outputs directly from Google Chrome to our sensors and actuators with no installation, node.js, npms or anything else. You can also use Javascript.

  • Arduino Mode with Breakout Connectors Since FunKey has a full Arduino chip onboard, you can program it in Arduino mode with the Arduino IDE, if and when you and your students are ready.  But even at that level it’s a better Arduino board than others because it has snap-in inputs and outputs instead of headers and breadboards, which are difficult to work with and hard to assemble and keep track of.  

  • Lego Brick Building Capability  FunKey also provides a unique ability to integrate into Lego structures because the board has Lego-spaced and Lego-sized holes and comes with special screws that mate right into Lego bricks.

  • Cardboard and FoamCore Building Capability  FunKey also provides a unique ability to integrate into cardboard and FoamCore structures because the board has holes that accomodate standard sheet metal screws that mate right into cardboard, FoamCore and similar materials.