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The Gareth Branwyn Mega Borg Bundle

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Take a smart, passionate, intense trip along the bleeding edges of art, technology, and culture at the turn of the 21st century.

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The Gareth Branwyn Mega Borg Like Me Bundle
Gareth Branwyn, the former editorial director of Make:, is a pioneer of both online culture and the maker movement. For over three decades, he has participated in and chronicled DIY culture, media, and technology.

In his critically-acclaimed, crowdfunded 2014 “lazy person’s memoir,” Borg Like Me, he gathered together his best published work and wrote original essays covering everything from his youth in a hippie commune to his involvement in the 90s zine publishing scene, to his tenure at influential cyber arts and culture mags 
Mondo 2000bOING bOINGWired, and his eight years at Make:. Previously published material is woven throughout with Branwyn’s unflinchingly honest commentary and personal stories.

The book is beautifully illustrated with over thirty drawings, photos, and other artwork from such talented artists as Shannon Wheeler, John Bergin, (Academy Award-winning) Stéphane Halleux, Danny Hellman, Terri Weifenbach, Mark Frauenfelder, Lea Redmond, Greg Brotherton, and Jeremy Mayer. 

 For this special Maker Shed bundle, we’ve gathered together Borg Like Me along with some of Gareth’s offerings from his own Sparks of Fire Press imprint. 

Bundle Contents:

  • Borg Like Me (& Other Tales of Art, Eros, and Embedded Systems), with a beautiful letterpress-printer nameplate autographed by the author.
  • Artistic License Card Because we all need a little artistic license. These laminated wallet cards "sport 'self-issuing technology.' By breaking the wax seal, you are committing to act genuinely, think uniquely, express creatively, and to invoke your muses often." [GB]
  • Beyond Cyberpunk Mini-Comica 20-page featuring Kata Sutra in Beyond Cyberpunk! This comic was created by former Make: Editor-in-Chief, Mark Frauenfelder, and Gareth Branwyn in 1993 to promote Beyond Cyberpunk!, a highly-influential multimedia electronic book that the two were involved with. Own a piece of computer history!
  • Tears in the Rain, a limited-edition booklet of three essays from Borg Like Me. Beautifully designed and illustrated by John Bergin (Art Director for Lakeshore Records).

    In Sparks of Fire Press' first major offering, Borg Like Me And Other Tales of Art, Eros, and Embedded Systems, cyberculture pioneer Gareth Branwyn (Boing Boing, Mondo 2000, Wired, MAKE) presents a compelling collection of his best work. Released in September, 2014, this collection gathers and expounds upon Gareth's 30+ years of covering art, technology, fringe culture, and DIY.