ComposiMold Kit

ComposiMold Kit

Make your own molds for use in soap making, candle casting, creating action figures or casting parts for models with this easy, re-usable kit.


Candle wax casting, jewelry making, soap molds, chocolate mold making, casting parts for sculptures and costume embellishments, animal figurines to action figures, custom cake toppers and rapid proto typing... ComposiMold has applications for just about every type of maker!


A re-usable, rubbery organic polymer, the unique ComposiMold compound melts in your microwave to a honey like consistency, which can simply be poured onto your master part. After the compound cools, just remove your master part, apply mold release (included in the kit) and add pour or press in your casting material. Ready to make another mold? Composimold can be reheated and re-used indefinitely!


What's In the Box

This Setting You Up for Success Kit includes: 
  • 20oz of Composimold-LT Compound
  • Mold Release Agent
  • 6oz of Bubble Buster
  • Easy Filtration Kit
  • Instructional DVD with 14 tutorials and a 100+ page E-Book
  • Reusable Storage Bag