RedBear Duo - WiFi and BLE IoT Board [OLD]

RedBear Duo - WiFi and BLE IoT Board [OLD]

Thumb-sized cloud-ready IoT board with co-existing WiFi and BLE capability



Duo is a thumb-size development board made to simplify the building process of Internet of Things (IoT). Everything you need is built into the Duo. It contains WiFi, BLE, and Cloud. With the help of the RB Link expansion board, you can attach add-on modules without any soldering at all. Get your prototype up and running in no time!

Key Features

  • Four development platforms/languages to choose from: Arduino IDE, Particle WebIDE, Broadcom WICED SDK, Javascript
  • Contains both WiFi and BLE capabilities. You can build your project using either WiFi or BLE or both.
  • Coupling the Duo with RedBear RBLink, modules from the Seeed Grove System can easily be attached to your project - no soldering required!
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x13 mm

Product Documentation / User Guide

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