Getting Started with Arduino Kit


This kit has everything you'll need to get started with the ever-popular Arduino!

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This kit has been replaced with the Make: Arduino Electronics Starter Pack, it has all the parts you'll need!

Bridging the gap between the "real world" and your computer, the Getting Started with Arduino kit is your starting point into the world of physical computing.

Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. It's an open source physical computing platform based on a simple microcontroller board, and a development environment for writing software for the board. 

Using the electronic parts in the kit, along with our best selling Getting Started with Arduino book, you'll be ready to join the tens of thousands of engineers, designers, artists, and hobbyists who have discovered this incredible and educational Prototyping platform.

BONUS! For a limited time, includes digital copies of Getting Started with Arduino, 3rd Edition and Basic Arduino Projects*

What's in the Box

  • Arduino UNO Rev. 3 (ATmega328) 
  • Getting Started with Arduino book
  • 3 ft. USB-A to USB-B Cable
  • 10KΩ Resistors (x10)
  • 220Ω Resistors (x10)
  • Transistor Mosfet N-Channel (787798)
  • Tactile Momentary Button Switch
  • Photoresistors (x2)
  • Red LEDs (x2)
  • Green LEDs (x2)
  • Super Bright Blue LED (x2)
  • RGB LED, Water Clear
  • 70pc Deluxe Jumper Wire Kit (55 @ 4", 10 @ 5", 5 @ 7", 5 @ 9")
  • 2.1" x 3.3" - 400 Total Tie Point Clear Breadboard
  • 9V Battery Pack with 2.1mm DC Plug 
  • 9V Battery included
  • Computer Required for Programming
  • Recommended Ages 10+
  • Small parts - Choking Hazard
  • *Bonus PDFs link will be sent via email


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