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DISC - GrovePi Starter Kit

The GrovePi makes electronics prototyping with the Raspberry Pi easy and fast. The powerful little Raspberry Pi is just waiting for you to release your maker creativity and build the projects you’re passionate about.

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BrickPi is best for someone who already has LEGO MINDSTORMS sensors and motors. The BrickPi connects to the Raspberry Pi, and replaces the MINDSTORMS Brick (brain of MINDSTORMS system). If you don’t already have LEGO MINDSTORMS, check out our complete robot kit, the GoPiGo.

Visit our BrickPi3 Product Support & Documentation page for step-by-step tutorials, technical specs, detailed product pictures, and sample code libraries. 

If you don’t already have LEGO MINDSTORMS, you might want to start with our other complete Raspberry Pi robot kit, the GoPiGo.