L3D Cube Kit - Massive Size (16x16x16)

L3D Cube Kit - Massive Size (16x16x16)
L3D Cube Kit - Massive Size (16x16x16)
L3D Cube Kit - Massive Size (16x16x16)

L3D Cube Kit - Massive Size (16x16x16)


This is the "massive" version of the L3D Cube. This kit allows you to build a 20" x 20" x 22" LED cube kit that reacts to sound and displays amazing light shows.


As seen at Maker Faire!

Light up your life in a big way with the massive L3D 16x16x16 Cube! This amazing RGB LED cube is easy to assemble with no soldering required, and is capable of incredible things! Make the cube dance to your music using the built-in mic, combine it with a LEAP motion controller to create a 3D space painter, or use its WiFi capabilities to download games like 3D Tetris--the possibilities are endless! If you thought the 8x8x8 L3D Cube was cool, you'll be blown away by this cube, which is eight times larger (measuring 20" x 20" x 22") and HD (with 4096 points of LED light), so everything looks eight times more impressive!

For an added bonus, the L3D cube is even compatible with other popular gadgets out in the market today such as the Makey Makey and the Leap Motion Touchless Controller. Even more so, the L3D cube can be stacked and placed alongside one another where it can communicate with each other as one unit. 

No programming is required to get the light show started, but if programming is your thing, the cube is programmable over WiFi with Arduino and Javascript. With a large extensive community background behind the L3D Cube, users can now seamlessly download programs, animations, and graphics to their cube wirelessly with the support of the included Particle Photon for WiFi connectivity.

What in the Box:

  • LED Cube 16x16x16 Kit
  • Instructions
  • Clear acrylic cover panels
  • Floorboard to attach LED strips
  • USB power adapter and cable
  • RGB LED Strips

Tool(s) Required

  • Phillips screwdriver

Support & Community

Getting Started and Forums

How does it really work? Learn more about multiplexing and bit angle modulation in LED cubes with this video.

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