Make: LED Lighting - PDF

Make: LED Lighting - PDF

See why manufacturers are designing LED devices to light everything from homes to streets.


DIY LED Lighting - A Primer to Lighting the Future . We're on the brink of a lighting revolution with light-emitting diodes the tiny LEDs you've seen in electronic devices for years. With this practical guide, you'll go behind the scenes to see how and why manufacturers are now designing LED devices to light everything from homes and offices to streets and warehouses.


Author Sal Cangeloso shows you the working parts of a simple LED bulb and explains the challenges electronics companies face as they push LED lighting into the mainstream. You'll learn how you can use LEDs now, and why solid state lighting will bring dramatic changes in the near future.


  • Explore the drivers, phosphors, and integrated circuits in a typical LED bulb
  • Understand the challenges in producing LED bulbs with acceptable brightness, color temperature, and power consumption
  • Learn about non-bulb LED applications, including lamps, street lights, and signage
  • Discover the market forces driving and impeding the adoption of LED lighting
  • Compare LEDs to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) and electron-stimulated luminescence (ESL) bulbs
  • Gaze into the future of intelligent lighting, including networked lighting systems
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  • Chapter 1 Opening Remarks
  • Chapter 2 Key Terms
  • Chapter 3 LED Basics
  • Chapter 4 The Bulb
  • Chapter 5 Non-Bulb Lighting
  • Chapter 6 Buying an LED Bulb
  • Chapter 7 Throw Out My CFL?
  • Chapter 8 Do LEDs Make Sense Today?
  • Chapter 9 LED Lighting Today and Tomorrow
  • Chapter 10 The Future
  • Appendix DIY LEDs
  • Colophon
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