Make: Electronics, 1Ed (PDF)

Make: Electronics, 1Ed (PDF)

This book will make you want to lick a battery! That will actually be the first assignment in this awesome step by step electronics guide.


This Make: Electronics Book will make you want to lick a battery! That will actually be your first assignment as you begin the lessons in this unique and colorful guide that uses "learning by discovery"” to teach basic electronics. You build and experience the circuit (as in the aforementioned battery licking) first, then you learn the theories behind it. You'll "burn things out, mess things up- that's how you learn" as the cover promises.


Charles Platt's clearly written, lavishly illustrated book (over 500 full-color photographs and illustrations) carefully walks you through 36 experiments. Through the construction of working circuits, you'’ll first learn the basics of voltage, amperage, resistance, capacitance, inductance, and other fundamentals. And then it'’s on to logic gates, analog-to-digital conversion (ADC), and integrated circuits. Along the way, you'll also meet the scientists and the fundamental discoveries that have made modern electronics possible. By the time you're done, you'’ll have a solid working knowledge of electronics and will be ready to confidently venture off into the worlds of hobby electronics, microcontrollers, and robotics.


If you've always been intimated by poorly-written, overly technical electronics books or tech websites that assume you already know far more than you do, we made this book especially for you. Find out why Tom Igoe (co-creator of the Arduino microcontroller) called it: "A fabulous book: well written, well paced, fun, and informative. I also love the sense of humor. It's very good at disarming the fear. And it's gorgeous." And the late Hans Camenzind (designer of the classic 555 timer chip) enthused "This is teaching at its best!"


If you're really ready to dive in, purchase the Make: Electronics Deluxe Tool Kit or Make: Electronics Components Pack 1 and Components Pack 2 and add the book for just $10 more. The Components Packs include all of the parts you need for the experiments without going through the trouble of sourcing everything yourself. Components Pack 1 will take you through experiments 1-11. Components Pack 2 will get you through experiments 12-24.


You can download a PDF sample of the book here .

About the Author:
Charles Platt is a former science fiction writer (his best known book is probably The Silicon Man) who switched to journalism and became a senior writer for Wired magazine. Currently running a small R&D business in Florida, Platt pursues portrait photography as a spare-time interest, and is a longtime fan of Hong Kong martial arts movies. His favorite show is Viva La Bam on MTV. His interest in MAKE-ing gadgets began when he built a tic-tac-toe computer from telephone relays in 1966. Charles is a regular contributor to MAKE and is a well-known name to MAKE readers.