Make: Magazine Volume 45 (PDF)

Make: Magazine Volume 45 (PDF)

Bleep, boop, blurp! May is Robot month at Make:, join in the excitement with DIY humanoid robotics, combat bots and much, much more!


In Make: Volume 45, we'll take a deeper look at the latest developments in the robotics industry; the DIY humanoid robotic movement, the resurgence of battling bots, and Maker manufacturing (both in Shenzhen and domestically).


Robot madness for everyone!!!

In this issue:
  • Inmoov: The coolest builds of the 3D printed, open-source robot from France that has become a global prototyping platform.
  • Combat Bots are Back! Battle bots are making their resurgence and influencing real-world robot applications. (Includes a Combat Bot design project!)
  • Featured Project: Universal Gripper/robotic hand
  • Featured Project: DIY Self-Balancing Robot (Arduino-based build)
  • Gareth Branwyn navigates the Maker manufacturing scene and provides stories and insights.