MAKE Year 1: eBook Set (PDF)

MAKE Year 1: eBook Set (PDF)

This collection includes volumes 01-04 of MAKE, each available as an individual PDF downloads.


Just like our very popular MAKE box sets, we have created eBook sets of MAKE Magazine. These downloadable collections include (4) volumes of MAKE, each available as an individual PDF download.


MAKE: Year 1 eBook Set includes:

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Volume 01 (PDF)
» Make Premiere
The first magazine devoted to digital projects, hardware hacks, and DIY inspiration. Kite aerial photography, video cam stabilizer, magnetic stripe card reader, and much more.
Volume 02 (PDF)
» Home Entertainment
29 projects include HD video recorder, home theater shaker seats, surround sound, retro gaming. Plus: R2 robot builders, restore a vintage amp, light-seeking robot, and etch circuit boards.
Volume 03 (PDF)
» Cars and Halloween
Hack your car with a dashboard PC, remote control, iPod, biodiesel, and more. Plus: Halloween animatronics, stun-gun potato cannon, VCR cat feeder, welding primer, and ultimate maker's tools.
Volume 04 (PDF)
» Music and Kits for the Holidays
Easy cigar box guitar, "circuit bending" instruments, and a turntable-to-iPod cabinet to convert vinyl LPs to MP3s. Plus: high-speed flash photography, coffee hacks, the coolest kits.