MAKE Year 3: eBook Set (PDF)

MAKE Year 3: eBook Set (PDF)

This collection includes volumes 09-12 of MAKE, each available as an individual PDF downloads.


Just like our very popular MAKE box sets, we have created eBook sets of MAKE Magazine. These downloadable collections include (4) volumes of MAKE, each available as an individual PDF download.

MAKE: Year 3 eBook Set includes:

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Volume 09 (PDF)
» Fringe
Push the boundaries of physics and reason with Kirlian photography, perpetual motion, and more. Plus: cracker box amplifier, panoramic pinhole camera, how to work with carbon fiber.
Volume 10 (PDF)
» Home Electronics
Learn electronics with 20+ projects including lasers, toys, controllers, and home automation. Plus: brain wave machine, biosphere in a jar, Hot Wheels radar gun, workbenches, and making things with ABS plastic.
Volume 11 (PDF)
» Alt Vehicles
DIY wheels! Make trick bicycles and choppers, electrified bikes, iPod bike charger, and Mr. Jalopy's mobile movie projector. Plus: sheet-metal retro R/C race car, vaccum former, rotating bird feeder, Ikea and dollar-store hacks.
Volume 12 (PDF)
» Upload
Dive into digital arts with greenscreen video, infrared photos, software bots, fan-edited movies, and more. Plus: super loud air whistle, Lego gadget charger, no-battery remote, solar xylophone, DIY solar panels.