MakeCrate Electronics Kits - 6 month subscription

MakeCrate Electronics Kits - 6 month subscription
MakeCrate Electronics Kits - 6 month subscription

MakeCrate Electronics Kits - 6 month subscription

This is an excellent, beginner focused, 6 month subscription of kits!


Give the gift of a 6 monthly kits that teach electronics, engineering, and coding principles. Each kit is designed and tested to be kid-and-family-friendly, and includes everything you need to build a new project each month.

All projects use the Arduino Uno and IDE to introduce and reinforce engineering, electronics, and coding skills, including problem solving, troubleshooting, circuit design, algorithm development, and writing and testing code. Sensors and displays you'll learn to use and code in the 6 months include: LEDs, Buzzers, Push buttons, Photoresistors, Sound sensors, Moisture Sensors, Ultrasonic distance sensors, Real Time Clock modules, Motion sensor, LED matrix displays, and LCD displays

Instructions and videos are produced by a team of educators and are designed to ensure that directions are clear and concise. Projects undergo extensive user-testing to ensure that subscribers are successful. 


What is MakeCrate?

MakeCrate was born out a desire to make circuit building and coding accessible to anyone with an interest, and particularly aimed at kids ages 9-13 (and adult beginners). All instructions are written by teachers, and each step has a written description as well as an accompanying image. Instructions are tested with a team of kids before being released to the public in a kit.

In addition to what comes in each kit, a subscribers get access to the MakeCrate community website, which contains video tutorials, troubleshooting guides, challenge projects, and a place to ask questions and share information and photos.


What's in the 1st Box

  • Arduino Uno R3 SMD
  • Breadboard
  • Custom acrylic baseplate
  • An accessory kit to get you started with Arduino
  • Step-by-step instructions for three introductory projects


What You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Download Arduino’s software onto your computer

 If you'd like a 3 or 12-month subscription, please visit MakeCrate!


The $210 retail includes shipping. As this is a 6-month subscription, all sales are final. This item ships from the manufacturer, does not qualify for discounts, and only ships to US addresses.