Maker's Notebook - Hardcover

Maker's Notebook - Hardcover

Jot down diagrams, calculations and notes or browse the reference section in this sweet notebook.


Maker's Notebooks are the perfect place to write your own ideas, diagrams, calculations and notes.

The Maker's Notebook (10" x 7") contains 150 pages of engineering graph paper as well as 20 bonus pages of useful reference material —from electronics symbols, resistor codes, weights and measures and basic conversions to the amount of caffeine in different beverages and how to say "Hello, World!" in various computer languages. Printed in cyan "Maker" blue with a white grid embossed front and back.


  • Notebook are 1/8" engineering graph paper
  • Pages are numbered
  • Every page has a blank heading to list project name, date, sign or note, and a place to link project/related pages ("From Page___, to Page___)

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