MicroBit - For Bit Booster

MicroBit - For Bit Booster


The bit:booster is the only board designed by educators for getting the most out of the micro:bit in the classroom.


This item is only an addon
and can not be bought alone.

More Lights = More Possibilities
The bit:booster adds 10 NeoPixels to the micro:bit (and the ability to connect even more using common jumpers). Using just the bit:booster and micro:bit, you can now make a face or bring data to life. Explore how various combinations of the 5X5 LED array and NeoPixel colors can create various expressions, creatures and data feedback.

Making Music Is Easy

There’s no need to dig up alligator clips, or an aux cable and speaker. The bit:booster has an on-board piezo buzzer. And it is connected to port 0 which is the default port for Microsoft’s MakeCode so the blocks work directly. Start composing songs, download and listen! 

Power Motors With Ease

Whether you’re making a robot, virtual pet or automating a task, you need a motor to make things move. The bit:booster is designed to easily power most hobby servo and DC motors (up to 5V). Since all Lego motors are essentially DC motors, you can also power any Lego motors using our cables or making your own.

Build With Lego

As with all Lectrify products, bit:booster is designed to work easily with Lego building kits. This means that not only are there holes sized for Lego studs, but that the entire board is scaled to match to standard Lego spacing to better fit into your Lego creations.