Nibble - DIY Game Console

Build and program your own handheld game device - Tools Included! Ages 9+

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Build your own handheld game device - Tools Included!

Nibble is a new and improved version of the MAKERbuino, a DIY Handheld Game Console. Get to know electronics through hands-on activities. As you assemble the Nibble you'll learn the basics of how a game console works. 

It's hackable! Create your own apps and games for your own handheld unit. 

    Nibble is based on ESP8266 – a microcontroller used on various Arduino development boards and can be programmed in Arduino IDE (based on C/C++) – the most popular programming environment for makers.

    You can code games for your Nibble in CircuitBlocks code editor similar to Scratch or that makes it easy for beginners to get into embedded programming.

    Nibble comes preloaded with four inspired cult classics:

    • Bonk – an homage to Pong – one of the first commercially-successful video games
    • Invaderz – a classic space shooter
    • Snake – probably the most recognizable game from the early mobile phone era
    • SpaceRocks – shoot asteroids and earn points

    Kit Includes:

    1. Circuit Board - Onboard 160 MHz 32-bit CPU, 4MB Flash Memory, 80kBRAM
    2. Acrylic casing- 6 pieces of transparent plastic
    3. Metal soldering iron stand
    4. Sponge for wiping your soldering iron
    5. USB soldering iron 8W of power, replaceable tips, capacitive touch sensor
    6. Solder wire
    7. Cross screwdriver
    8. 2A USB power supply for the soldering iron
    9. AAA alkaline batteries
    10. LCD display - Full-color TFT LCD screen with 128×128 resolution
    11. Micro USB cable for programming your Nibble
    12. USB soldering iron’s power cord
    13. Bag with small components
    14. Battery holder


    Ages 9+