PinBox Arduino Expansion Pack

PinBox Arduino Expansion Pack
PinBox Arduino Expansion Pack

PinBox Arduino Expansion Pack

Bring your PinBox to life with interactive components!


Build interactive components into your Pinbox 3000 cardboard pinball game. This kit lets you add lights, sounds, and motion to make any game come to life! Build an interactive game that’s fun to play, while learning about electronics and circuits. This expansion kit comes with a pre-programmed microcontroller, lights, speaker, servo, connectors, and full instructions to walk you through this plug an play kit. Just provide your imagination!

Note: You must have the PinBox 3000 or PinBox 3000 Battle Mode cardboard pinball kits in order to use this expansion pack.

Key Features

  • Expansion pack for PinBox 3000 and PinBox 3000 Battle Mdoe
  • Provides examples and step-by-step instructions to make the learning process fun and easy
  • Copper tape circuits are a great way to learn about circuit board design
  • Learn game theory by creating interactive components that trigger actions

What's in the Box

  • Arduino Nano (pre-programmed)
  • Mini breadboard
  • USB power cable
  • Metal pinball
  • Servo
  • Speaker
  • Multicolored RGB LEDs
  • Header pins and jumper wires
  • Clear Tape
  • Copper Tape
  • Sample triggers
  • Practice board with an example circuit
  • 24 pages of full-color instructions