Premium Squink Set

Premium Squink Set


Build a cost-effective, fully functional circuit in minutes -- plus extended warranty!


Squink, featured on, is a personal circuit factory offering a seamless experience while prototyping faster and more affordably, producing repeatable and reliable results without all the mess and complication. Think of Squink as a ‘PCB 3D Printer’ (PCB stands for ‘Printed Circuit Board’) and remember that every electronic device from your phone to your car has PCBs in them, and you can see how revolutionary Squink is!


There are three Squink Variants – this is the Premium Squink Set which includes your Multilayer PCB Printer allowing you to print and assemble multilayer PCBs and an 18-month Warranty. Check out Squink Basic PCB Printer and Squink Multilayer PCB Printer on MakerShed to see which variant fits your needs and budget.


Squink uses three interchangeable heads:

  • Print multiple layers of conductive and insulating inks on a variety of stiff and flexible materials, like FR4  and Kapton (dual-layer boards only are officially supported – more layers possible in future software updates) . Use Insulating ink to ‘treat’ a surface (like fabrics or porous materials) so that you can build a PCB on nearly anything. Load Gerber or image files (.jpg, .png and .bmp) into the printer's web interface and print your circuits in mere minutes!
  • Lay down solder paste or conductive glue on printed or pre-fab boards easily with the Extruder tool head. You can even experiment with your own glues to make durable flexible circuits. No more solder stencils!
  • Pick-and-place components like resistors and chips onto your circuit and avoid the shaky hand and wasted time. Combined with the Extruder head, you can use Squink to assemble pre-fabbed boards as well as Squink-printed circuits.


Squink's powerful onboard software provides you with a smooth and reliable process for electronic circuit manufacturing from your desk. Squink relies on an on-board computer featuring an ARM Cortex-A8 processor with two real time controllers, SIMD and GPU acceleration. All you need to do is connect to Squink via Ethernet or WiFi and use your browser to interface with the machine - no need to install additional software!

The included Extended Warranty triples the typical warranty on each Squink from 6 months to 18 months. If your Squink is in need of a repair, or you need help over the phone or email about how to get the best results from your Squink, our Warranty covers that. Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions page on our website. (link -

Make sure to add on ink and printing substrates so you can start creating your own unique circuits right away! Choose from Standard, Advanced, and Insulating Ink, depending on the type of material you want to print on.


Key Features

  • Inkjet Print Conductive Traces with low resistivity conductive ink
  • Inkjet and cure Insulating layers using the on-board UV lamp
  • Extruder tool head lays down solder paste or conductive glue
  • Pick-and-place toolhead features on-board computer vision, which corrects offsets and rotation errors before placing every component.
  • Powerful onboard software with frequent free updates
  • Extended 18-month warranty  

What's in the Box

  • Advanced Ink Cartridge
  • Insulating Ink Cartridge
  • Conductive Glue Bundle (6x glue packets and 6x syringes w/tips)
  • 10 sheets of Kapton (6”x6”)
  • 20 sheets of FR-4 (6”x6”)



  • Maximum circuit size: 6" x 6"​
  • Minimum feature size (Line width): 10 mil (0.254 mm), 20 mil (0.508 mm) recommended​
  • Minimum line spacing: 10 mil (0.254 mm), 20 mil (0.508 mm) recommended
  • ​​Minimum package size: ​0603 (in) for two terminal packages (resistors, capacitors, etc) SOIC for ICs. Automatic placing of through-hole component is not currently supported​
  • Machine size​: ​17.5 x 17.5 x 15 in (45 x 45 x 38 cm) ​
  • Machine weight: ​35 lbs (13.6 kg)
  • Total assembly time (4" x 4" boards, 15 elements): ​Around 30 minutes

Cost of fabrication (no components included) (4" x 4" board, 15 elements): $5 or less

Note: This item does not qualify for discounts and only ships to US addresses.