Prototino 328 Kit

Prototino 328 Kit
Prototino 328 Kit

Prototino 328 Kit


No need to embed your Arduino — make a permanent version of your project with this board.


Ready to move that Arduino project from the breadboard to something more permanent? The Prototino ATMega328 Kit is your answer. Soldering your project directly to the Prototino makes it more robust and less expensive than embedding your regular Arduino. It also allows you to have fewer boards and wires, making your project more reliable.


Key Features

  • Works with either the ATmega168 or ATmega328
  • Large breadboard like prototyping area to make the transition from breadboard to Prototino easier
  • On board 5 volt voltage regulator rated up to 1 amp
  • On board ICSP connector
  • Pinout for optional FTDI USB to Serial cable, works with the Arduino software without modification to load your sketches
  • Power LED
  • All digital and analog pins are brought out to the prototyping area in a straight line
  • Entire Hardcopy board fits inside an Altoids tin
  • Four corner 3mm mounting holes, to secure your project

    Product Documentation / User Guide

    Build instructions can be found here.


    Note: This item does not qualify for discounts and only ships to US addresses.