Grove - Serial LCD

Grove - Serial LCD

Visualize your data with the Grove Serial LCD!


Serial LCD Driver twig is an UART based LCD1602 display (Hitachi HD44780 or a compatible LCD). It can control LCD1602 only with two I/O port pins (UART Tx and Rx).The VCC and GND are the only additional pins required for operation.

Conventional LCD drivers use 7-11 I/O port pins, whereas Serial LCD twig saves all these additional I/O pins. Serial LCD twig uses AT89S52 for implementing the UART Driving logic. Now has been updated to v1.0b.


  • Very easy to use
  • 4-Pin Connection ( 2 I/Os and 2 Power Pins)
  • API design similar to Arduino LiquidCrystal Library
  • Module automatically returns to listening mode
  • Comes with a rich set of demo applications
  • Back light control to save power. Arduino/Seeeduino compatible