Solar Grasshopper Kit

Solar Grasshopper Kit

Explore how solar energy can generate electricity with this snap-together grasshopper kit.


Solar Grasshopper Kit - Build your own life-size grasshopper and explore solar power with this educational mini solar robot kit. The snap-together, attention getting Solar Frightened Grasshopper teaches how solar energy can be used to generate electricity. This easy to use science kit is perfect for first time experimenters with little or no experience. Ages 10 and up.

  • Snaps together with no tools or soldering
  • No batteries required
  • Turns radiant energy from the sun into electrical energy with a 1.1V x 50mA PV solar cell
  • 1.2V DC motor inside the grasshopper transforms electrical energy to motion
  • Functions best very close to a non-fluorescent light bulb or in direct sunlight
  • An attention-grabbing display piece related to solar power for a science fair project, class discussion, or just out-of-the-ordinary play
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