Squink Standard Supply Package

Squink Standard Supply Package
Squink Standard Supply Package
Squink Standard Supply Package
Squink Standard Supply Package

Squink Standard Supply Package


Print circuits on Photopaper or Transparent Sheets, using the Standard Ink Cartridge. All you need to get started is the Squink Circuit Factory, Ink Cartridge, and Printing Substrates!

$39.99 - $184.99

**This item will be fulfilled and shipped after one week**

Print circuit traces on a variety of stiff and flexible materials, using Squink Ink and Printing Substrates. Squink, featured on Makezine.com, is a personal circuit factory offering a seamless experience while prototyping faster and more affordably, producing repeatable and reliable results without all the mess and complication.

The complete supply package comes with the Standard Ink Cartridge, 10 Transparent Sheets, and 15 Photopaper Printing Substrates, which are both compatible with Advanced Ink. Each supply is also available for individual sale. Make sure to get the Squink Factory, ink cartridge, and printing substrates so you can start creating your own unique circuits right away!

Note: The Standard Ink Cartridge works only with Transparent Sheets and Photopaper Printing Substrates. If you'd like to use FR-4 or Kapton Printing Substrates, check out the Squink Advanced Supplies.


Key Features

  • Standard Ink Cartridge

    • Number of Layers​: 1
    • Resistivity: 50 mOhms/sq as measured
    • Supported materials: photopaper and coated transparency film
  • Photopaper is the same sort used for photography, and has a special coating to allow for printing flexible paper circuits! It is flexible, though not as much as Kapton film. Can only be used with Standard Ink. Fifteen sheets included.
  • Transparent sheets are a specially coated plastic film that allows you to print clear PCBs! Very light but not as flexible as PCBs made on Kapton. Can only be used with Standard Ink. Ten sheets included.

Note: This item only ships to US addresses.