Zero to Maker, 1Ed

Zero to Maker, 1Ed

Find the best resources for learning the tools and skills you need to be a dynamic maker. David Lang dove headfirst into the Maker world and wanted to share his journey.

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Are you possessed by the urge to invent, design, and make something that others enjoy, but don't know how to plug into the Maker movement? In this book, Zero to Maker, you'll follow author David Lang's headfirst dive into the Maker world and how he grew to be a successful entrepreneur. You'll discover how to navigate this new community, and find the best resources for learning the tools and skills you need to be a dynamic maker in your own right.


Lang reveals how he became a pro maker after losing his job, and how the experience helped him start OpenROV a DIY community and product line focused on open source undersea exploration. It all happened once he became an active member of the Maker culture. Ready to take the plunge into the next Industrial Revolution? This guide provides a clear and inspiring roadmap.


- Take an eye-opening journey from unskilled observer to engaged maker-entrepreneur

- Enter the Maker community to connect with experts and pick up new skills

- Use a template for building a maker-based entrepreneurial lifestyle

- Learn from the organizer of the first-ever Maker Startup Weekend

- Be prepared for exciting careers of the future

  1. David Lang

    David Lang is the Co-Founder of OpenROV, a DIY community centered around open source ocean exploration. He is also the writer of the popular Zero to Maker column on, which is a public diary of his headfirst dive into the maker world. As a pioneer in the new hardware startup scene, he organized and facilitated the first-ever Maker Startup Weekend, a weekend-long event that used the rapid prototyping tool chain to prove the immense possibility of the next Industrial Revolution.

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