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Arduino & Robot Gift Guide

Beep boop. Want to find a treat for the robot lover in your life? Here we've combined the products of our hottest microcontroller with fun robot kits for all skill levels.
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Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack Getting Started with Arduino Kits v3.0 BrushBots Mousebot Kits
Our Price: $19.99
Mousebot Kits
Our Price: $39.99
If you want to seriously learn about microcontrollers, this is a smart purchase…  More>

This kit has everything you need to get started with Arduino, included components, and our…  More>

Teach kids about basic electronics and thinking outside the box in minimalist "robot" design …  More>

This light-chasing robot kit is easy-to-solder — a great learning project for beginners  …  More>

Arduino Yun Makey Makey Standard Kits Hexy the Hexapod Sparki - Make Edition
Arduino Yun
Our Price: $68.99
Makey Makey Standard Kit
Our Price: $49.99
Hexy the Hexapod
Our Price: $249.99
Sparki - Make Edition
Our Price: $149.99
The Yún combines Arduino, WiFi, and Ethernet into one board running Linux.…  More>

Turn nearly anything into a game controller or computer key with this cool device …  More>

Hexy the Hexapod is a fully articulated, Arduino powered hexapod robot kit.  …  More>

Ready to dive into robotics? Meet Sparki - He's a cute Arduino robot that's easy and fun to use!…  More>

Sphero V2.0 by Orbotix Audio Hacker Shield - Kit Drum Kit Kit for Arduino Jungle Robot
Sphero V2.0 by Orbotix
Our Price: $129.99
Audio Hacker Shield - Kit
Our Price: $32.99
Sale Price: $30.49
You save $2.50!
Drum Kit Kit for Arduino
Our Price: $18.99
Sale Price: $15.49
You save $3.50!
Jungle Robot
Our Price: $34.99
This robot ball and gaming system can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet …  More>

This Audio Shield Kit for Arduino allows you to perform realtime digital signal processing  …  More>

Turn your Ardruino into a drum kit! This kit includes the circuit board, resistors, diodes…  More>

The Jungle Robot Kit can teach the basic principles of robotic sensing and locomotion…  More>

Arduino Uno Rev 3 (Make SMD Version)
The Uno is compatible with all current shields and code, and comes assembled.  …  More>

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