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Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets (PDF) Making Things See: 3D Vision with Kinect, Processing, Arduino, and MakerBot (PDF) Sphero V2.0 by Orbotix Make: Electronics - the Complete Collection
Sphero V2.0 by Orbotix
Our Price: $129.99
Invent your own embedded gadgets and apps with an Arduino and this book's six projects  More>

Learn to build digital 3D models that you can manipulate with gestures and spoken commands  More>

This robot ball and gaming system can be controlled with your smartphone or tablet  More>

If you've been wanting to delve deeper in the world of electronics, this collection will  More>

Make: Electronics Book Pulse Sensors AMPED for Arduino MintyBoost USB Charger Kits v3.0 5pc Lock Pick Set with Manual
Make: Electronics Book
Our Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $22.99
This book will make you want to lick a battery! That will actually be the first assignment  More>

Place on any area of skin and it will transmit pulse data to your Arduino for processing  More>

Charge on the go. Build this simple yet powerful gum-tin sized battery pack and charger fo  More>

This basic 5 piece lock pick set is an ideal for beginners, and includes a quality leather case  More>

17pc Lock Pick Set MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D Printers (Dual Extruder) Composimold Setting You Up For Success Molding Kit Visible Cutaway Practice Locks w/ Spool Pins ST-35
17pc Lock Pick Set
Our Price: $37.99
Our Price: $59.99
Visible Cutaway Practice Lock w/ Spool Pins ST-35
Our Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $35.99
This lock pick set is one of the finest available. The versatile set can  More>

Dual extrusion model offers a resolution capability of 100 microns and a 410 cubic inch build  More>

Make your own molds to duplicate 3D objects with reusable Composimold! Setting You Up for Succ  More>

This see-through pin-tumbler lock is an excellent learning tool. Uses spooled pins  More>

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